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Practice in Washington, District of Columbia and Boston, Massachusetts:

Litigation, Securities Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law,
International Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Law,
Administrative Law, Federal Law

The Law Offices of Lambert and Associates is a source for legal services, related to Washington, D.C. and Boston, Massachusetts, representing clients in litigation, having expertise in the domain of international law, litigation, dispute resolution, as we as in the domain of international recovery of assets for clients in the banking and financial sector, for investment entities, corporations, partnerships, and individual clients.

The Law Offices of Lambert and Associates, apart from general practice with focus on federal law.  The Law Offices specialize in assisting corporations, banks, investors, private individuals, as well foreign governments' agencies to recover unlawfully or improperly gained funds in which those clients have interest to investigate, trace, locate and recover, on the multi-jurisdictional basis.

Attorney George Lambert is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) and in Massachusetts.  Apart from Washington, D.C., attorney George Lambert has litigated in a number of federal courts in several States.

We have a special expertise in international law and have very solid track record of having assisted, under a corporate program ARP, to various clients to freeze substantial assets on bank accounts and in real property, for subsequent recovery of such assets.  The Law Offices cooperate with attorneys in numerous other jurisdictions, including in off-shore jurisdictions, to achieve efficiency in resolving issues on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

The initial consultation is normally free in most matters, leading to the evaluation whether the Law Offices would be willing to accept the matter or rather refer to other attorneys.

Strict confidentiality for inquiries and evaluations is guaranteed.

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