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Track Record and
Representative Pending Cases

The principal attorney at the Law Offices, Dr. George Lambert has been working in the domain of international law for over 20 years, first as a researcher and expert.  He published over 50 professional articles and two books concerning international law.

George Lambert usually represents plaintiffs in his cases.

Representative of those cases, pending at this time, are enumerated below.

Collection of debt, deriving from unimplemented cinematic project.  George Lambert represets a cinematic company in its suit against a New York-based company and its two principals that obtained a $200,000 advance and then converted it.

Collection of debt by a Delaware corporation from residents of Seychelles Islands.  George Lambert represents a Delaware-based corporation that has been prosecuting its claim for repayment of a $400,000 debt, from residents of the Seychelles Islands.

Prosecuting a claim against foreign agency deriving from an exploration concession.  George Lambert represents three American claimants against a foreign agency, that revoked a concession license.  The case is related to the oil exploration and development in Central Asia.

Claims driving from the conversion of the interest in the oil exploration overseas.  George Lambert is counsel to 7 plaintiffs in the case brought on the basis of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. That matter represents multi-forum litigation, with altogether more than 30 parties.  George Lambert has been working on that matter together with other attorneys.

Collection of judgment debt.  George Lambert is counsel to a a corporation that has been prosecuting the collection of the judgment debt, against the holder of the assets of the judgment debtor located overseas.  Likewise, that collection of the judgment debt has been multi-forum litigation.

Defense of human rights overseas.  The principal attorney has represented victims of the violation of human rights overseas pursuant to the Alian Tort Act, 28 U.S.C. Section 1350.

Representing in immigration matters.  Representing a Nigerian national in proceedings concerning J-1 visa status, seeking permanent residence status.

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